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She wondered why she felt so listless and depressed. Why did she feel that life was simply a barren desert? Probably it was the result of having to listen to the pompous old vicar the previous night, who had engaged in a deep but narrow discussion with Sir John on the degeneration, ingratitude and irreligion of the working-classes. The talk had been brought about by the dissatisfaction in the mills at Langton, some ten miles off, from which Sir John derived a large part of his very handsome income, and as Claudia had listened, she had[343] wondered with a mild amusement what Colin would think of the views expressed around the Currey tablecloth.

More often weak and cowardly, retorted Gilbert, and the unconventional people usually put other people in a hopeless mess.

Sorry, dear. I didnt mean to brush them off, but a man hates the idea that his hair has got ruffled.

And Gilbert felt the blood rushing through his veins as he would have thought impossible an hour ago. The knowledge of her liking, her nearness to him, seemed to make a little hammer pound away in his head, so that he had to set his teeth not to let himself get giddy. And Gilbert, when roused, had a good deal of the masculine animal in him, only he was so seldom roused. When he was a youth at Oxford his very clear and reasonable brain had warned him of a possible danger to his working powers in the delights of the flesh, and he had made himself not think about them by grinding away at his books. His work and his intellect had become an almost invulnerable armour. But to-night passion took him by the throat and he could think of nothing but the lissome pretty body in his arms. And his intellect, not quite drugged, approved of this diversion. His mother had said it was time to marry. Why not combine pleasure and duty? His reason quite approved of this proceeding.

Straight from Parry, Miss Morris, she said glibly, though it was evident that it had been concocted in some cheap London warehouse. Very latest thing. Real style there. I thought of you as soon as I saw it. Its too good for anyone else, I said.

I saw your lights burning at two oclock this morning, observed Neeburg; were you celebrating your victory, Gilbert?

There is some uncatalogued sense in man which seems immediately aware when a woman is at a loose end, when there is une chambre louer in her heart. There is a story told of Don Juan which relates how the famous gallant was unsuccessful with three women in his life; one was a middle-class woman who adored her husband, the second was a nun who kept true to her vows, and the third was a cocotte who, having lived the gay life for many years and ... grown old in the service of pleasure, love no longer made any appeal. The woman who is estranged from her husband, who no longer cares for him, has no need to proclaim the tidings upon the house-tops. Men are subtly and quickly aware that her heart is free, and consider not only that she is fair game for any arrows they may care to shoot, but that they are offering her something she cannot live without and that she is sure to accept from someone sooner or later. One often hears a man speak of an unhappy wife as that poor little woman, but he never doubts that he can make her happy where her spouse has failed.

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Claudia laughingly inquired whose grave she had been digging.

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Well, I shall never make light of it, she said, with a vigorous nod of her small head, now entirely over-weighted with the curls she had pinned on. They spoilt the shape of her head and stuck out in masses about her ears. Fay went on quickly with the making-up process. You gave me a shove here and a shove there, and now Ive got into high society, I dont forget those who[175] helped me. Im going to give a dinner to celebrate the weddingyou must comenodding friendly-wise to Claudiaand so must you and your missus, Joey.