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I saw your advertisement in Le Soir, monsieur, andhere I am.

Was it, thought La Touche, merely a coincidence that this clean-shaven carter should begin to grow a beard immediately after the delivery of the cask? When two more days passed and the man did not turn up, La Touche determined to call on him.

About eleven oclock therefore, the detective hailed a taxi with an intelligent looking driver. Having reached the end of the rue Championnet he dismounted, explaining to the man what he wanted him to do. A few moments later found him once more seated in the window of the caf, his eyes fixed on the Pump Construction office across the street. The taxi in accordance with orders, drove slowly about, ready to pick him up if required.

Is there any one on board who might be able to help us?

There was silence for a few moments, and then Burnley replied hesitatingly:

Boirac! cried Lefarge, with a rapid gesture of satisfaction. That was it, of course! I see it now. The whole of the business of the letter and the cask was a plant designed by Felix to throw suspicion on Boirac. What do you think, monsieur?

I want you three ladies, he said, to take one each of these three lots of clothes and trinkets, and find the purchaser. Their quality will give you an idea of the shops to try. Get at it first thing to-morrow, and keep yourselves in constant touch with headquarters.

You hear that, said the Inspector, turning to the plain-clothes men. They have half an hours start. Try to get on their track. Try north and east first, as it is unlikely theyd go west for fear of meeting us. Report to headquarters.

On one side was a card label, tacked round the edges and addressed in a foreign handwriting: M. Lon Felix, 141 West Jubb Street, Tottenham Court Road, London, W., via Rouen and long sea, with the words Statuary only printed with a rubber stamp. The label bore also the senders name: Dupierre et Cie., Fabricants de la Sculpture Monumentale, Rue Provence, Rue de la Convention, Grenelle, Paris. Stencilled in black letters on the woodwork was Return to in French, English, and German, and the name of the same firm. Broughton examined the label with care, in the half-unconscious hope of discovering something from the handwriting. In this he was disappointed, but, as he held the hand-lamp close, he saw something else which interested him.

And what time did you arrive at the Gare St. Lazare?


He didnt travel with me, but he got to London all right, for I saw him twice again, once on the boat and once as I was leaving the station at Charing Cross.

Felix rose to his feet.

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Fran?ois, the butler, met me in the hall. He seemed uneasy.

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If not, Ill see the otherthe one who lives in Marseilles.

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Perhaps its my mistake, he said at last. It was on Tuesday, wasnt it?

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Thank you, mademoiselle, Ill do so to-morrow. Then you use a Remington?

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By the way, a friend of mine was to call on him here last week. I am afraid he must have missed him also. You did not see my friend? He showed her Boiracs photograph.

2023-05-31 01:11:05 [青海网友]

Sorry to have kept you so long, he apologised. I find that your cask was delivered at our outward passenger cloak-room at about 4.15 p.m. on the 30th ultimo. It remained there until about 7.00 p.m., and during all this time it was under the personal supervision of one of the clerks named Duval, a most conscientious and reliable man. He states it stood in full view of his desk, and it would have been quite impossible for any one to have tampered with it. He particularly remembers it from its peculiar shape and its weight, as well as because it was an unusual object to send by passenger train. At about 7.00 p.m. it was taken charge of by two porters and placed in the van of the 7.47 p.m. English boat train. The guard of the train was present when they put it into the van, and he should have been there till the train left. The guard is unfortunately off duty at present, but I have sent for him and will get his statement. Once the train left, the cask would simply be bound to go to Havre. If it had not done so with that insurance on it, we should have heard about it. However, I will communicate with our agent at Havre, and I should be able to get definite information in the morning.

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But Boirac had been actually seen telephoning from Charenton. For a moment the detectives spirits fell. But he felt he must be right so far. Some explanation of the difficulty would occur to him.

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Then I may say that I am a private detective, employed on behalf of the typewriter company to investigate some very extraordinaryI can only call them frauds, which have recently been taking place. In some way, which up to the present we have been unable to fathom, several of our machines have developed faults which, you understand, do not prevent them working, but which prevent them being quite satisfactory. The altering of tensions and the slight twisting of type to put them out of alignment are the kind of things I mean. We hardly like to suspect rival firms of practising these frauds to get our machines into disfavour, and yet it is hard to account for it otherwise. Now, we think that you can possibly give us some information, and I am authorised by my company to hand you one hundred francs if you will be kind enough to do so.