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We will hear what you have to say.

Its written on your Companys paper anyway, said the Inspector to Broughton. I suppose that heading is yours and not a fake?

Thank you. Would you tell me how it was packed? What steadied the group?

Here, then, were four directions in which inquiries might be made, of which the first three at least promised a certain and definite result. As the train slackened speed for the capital, he felt his work was cut out for him.

The little group numbered five. There were the Chief, Felix, Burnley, Sergeant Kelvin, and another nondescript looking man. Burnley stepped forward.

Felix considered.

Well, not to be certain, sir, I couldnt.

Any o you boys on the Bullfinchs lower forehold? asked the foreman, if so, boss wants you alf a sec.

Certainly. It was the result of an otherwise idle conversation on the lottery system, which took place that afternoon between a number of men, of whom I was one, at the Caf Toisson dOr, in the rue Royale. At the close of the discussion I said I would try my luck. I asked Felix to join me, and he did so.

I beg your pardon, M. Thvenet, said Burnley. Whats that you say? At the time? At what time, if you please?

He was a tall chap with a sandy moustache, very high cheek-bones, and a big jaw. He was dressed in brown dungarees and a cloth cap.

Scotland Yard, called Burnley, and the car swung round and started citywards.

The important question of fees having been settled, Clifford explained to the detective all that was known of the case, as well as the ideas he and Heppenstall had evolved with regard to the defence.

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I do not think so, monsieur. I feel sure the identity of the machine will not be questioned. I make my request simply as a matter of precaution.

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I went to Fenchurch Street and asked for Mr. Avery. Fortunately for me he was engaged. I said I could not wait, and asked for a sheet of paper and envelope on which to write him a note. By the simple expedient of sealing and addressing the empty envelope, I thus provided myself with a sheet of paper bearing the firms heading.

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At nine oclock next morning the two colleagues met at the hotel in the rue Castiglione. They had discussed their plan of campaign before separating the previous evening, and did not waste time getting to work. Calling a taxi, they drove once more to the Hotel Continental and asked for their old friend the manager. In a few minutes they were ushered into the presence of that urbane and smiling, but somewhat bored official.

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A light flickered through the fanlight and the door was opened. A beam from the Inspectors dark lantern flashed on the face of the man within, revealing the same dark complexion and black beard that had attracted Constable Walkers attention. The word Yes came from Broughton and the Inspector said

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I looked round. The dray was gone, and whether hed sent it back to Felix or to the address Id given, I didnt know.

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The next evening, Monday, I pretended to unpack the cask. I brought the group I had taken out of it on the previous Saturday from the portmanteau in which I had hidden it, and placed it on the table in my study. On the floor, about the cask, I sprinkled some of the sawdust from the handbag. By this man?uvre I hoped if suspicion arose it would be argued that as the cask was not unpacked till Monday night, the body could not have been put into it on the night of the dinner. As you know, this ruse also succeeded. I also took the label off the cask and put it in my pocket.