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Thats certainly one of our casks, he said. They are our own design and, so far as I am aware, are used by no one else.

Burnley thanked the young man and turned out of the great station. Certainly it sounded as if this was a similar cask to that he had taken to Scotland Yard, if it was not the same one. Of course, he had to remember that even if it were one of Messrs. Dupierres, which was not proven, there were a large number of these casks in circulation, and it did not follow that this one was connected with his quest. But the whole circumstances gave him to think, and he felt that his bewilderment was not lessened by the new development. As he walked slowly down the rue de Lafayette towards his hotel, he racked his brains in the endeavour to piece together into a connected whole the various facts he had learnt. He strolled on into the Tuileries and, choosing a quiet spot under a tree, sat down to think the matter out.

Not that I saw. He was talking to a man on the platform as I drove out. A tall young fellow, dark and rather good-looking.

What caf did you lunch at in Charenton?

I also have some news. There has been a telephone call from the manager of the Hotel Continental. He says it can be established beyond doubt that Felix returned to the hotel at 1.30 on Sunday morning. He was seen by the hall porter, the lift boy, and the chamber-maid, all of whom are agreed on the time. All three also agree that he was in a quite normal condition, except that he was in a specially good humour and seemed pleased about something. The manager points out, however, that he was habitually good-humoured, so that there may be nothing remarkable about this.

He went into another of the sheds, returning immediately with four men.

Huston, this is Inspector Burnley of Scotland Yard. He is making some inquiries about that cask you already heard of. Ill be glad if you see that he is given every facility. He turned to the Inspector. I suppose theres nothing further I can do to help you? I should be glad to get back to the City again, if possible.

Not from here, sir, if you please. If youll trust me this time, I think youll be satisfied that I am right when you hear my story.

I might do that, he said. Ive never done anything like it before, but I dont see why I shouldnt.

Thanks, old chap, returned the doctor, accepting the cigarette the other offered, and sinking back into a deep, leather-lined arm-chair. But Im afraid there wont be much pleasure about my visit. Its business, and nasty business at that. Have you a few minutes to spare?

Did he tell you from whom he had purchased it, or what price he had paid?

Enough to get on, sir.

During the afternoon the colleagues called on each of the men whose names they had been given as having been present at the Caf Toisson dOr when the lottery discussion took place. M. Briant had gone to Italy, but they saw the others, and in each case the result was the same. All remembered the conversation, but none knew anything of the bet or the cask. Inquiries from the waiters at the Toisson dOr likewise were without result.

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Accordingly, next morning saw the lawyer ascending the steps of the house in Kensington in which the apartments of Mr. Pierre Bonchose was situated. But here he met with a disappointment. Mr. Bonchose had gone to the south of France on business and would not be home for three or four days.

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The boat is more likely, observed Burnley. If he is a constant traveller, some of the stewards will certainly know him.

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He looked and pondered. Then suddenly a new excitement came into his eyes and he bent swiftly down again.

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This is from Le Gautier also, he continued. See the watermark. It is the same paper as Felixs letter. Look also at the typing. Here are the crooked ns and rs, the defective ls and the ts and es below alignment. It was typed on the same machine.

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I shall be pleased to assist you as far as I can.

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And can you tell me just when?

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Ill do it without leaving any mark that wont be put down to the fall, continued the tempter, and Broughton fell.