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But John did not hear her. All the life left him was centred in his eyes, which hung, dazed with wonder, on something visible to them alone. Bending over the passionately weeping girl Mary whispered: Hush, hush, Emmy! Hush, my dear! He sees . . . he thinks he sees your mother.

In this pleasant spot Richard Mahony had made his home. Here, too, he had found the house of his dreams. It was built of stone under a tangle of creeper was very old, very solid: floors did not shake to your tread, and, shut within the four walls of a room, voices lost their carrying power. But its privacy was what he valued most. To the steep road on which it abutted the house turned a blank face or blank but for entrance-door and one small window while, in a line with it, up-hill and down, to conceal respectively flower and kitchen-gardens, ran two arms of massy wall. In addition to this, the front door was screened by a kind of sentry-box porch, open only on one side. In this porch was set a tiny glass oval; and here one could stand, secure from rough weather or the curiosity of an occasional passer-by, and watch for mounting postman or expected guest; just as no doubt fifty odd years before, through this very peep-hole, anxious eyes had strained for news-carrier or outrider bringing tidings of sailor son or soldier husband, absent on foreign service in the Great War.

Richard! . . . a most AWKWARD thing has happened. Those cards were not meant for us at all. It was the footmans mistake. He ought to have left them at the next house down the road that little thatched cottage at the corner. They were for a Mrs. Pigott, whos staying there.

But she might as well have talked to a post: Lizzie continued stormily to weep and to rail. The two older women bore patiently with her, even coming to consider it a good thing that she was thus able to vent her emotion. It remained for Emmy, Emmy with the hard and unyoung look her face assumed when she spoke of her stepmother, to make the bitter comment: Shes not really SORRY for Papa shes SAVAGE, Aunt Mary, thats what she is! a point of view which Mary herself was so rigidly suppressing that it received but scant quarter. Emmy, Emmy! You must NOT say such things of your Mamma. But Richard declared the girl had hit the nail on the head. It was herself and herself alone Lizzie grieved for.

Mahony pulled a chair to the window, threw up the sash and leant his elbow on the sill. The morning was warm and balmy, after a bitterly cold night. By midday the sun would have gained almost summer strength, gradually to fade through the autumn of the afternoon till, with darkness, you were back in a wintry spring. The orange-blossom scent of the pittosperums, now everywhere in flower, filled the air. Sunning himself thus, he fell to informing Mary yet once again what he had made up his mind to; spoke shortly and impatiently and with decision. For this time at least he knew that his planning involved his wife in no hardships: he was not asking her to shoulder fresh burdens.

Now, madam! . . . wasnt I right? Who was the success of the evening I should like to know?

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Do? Bury em, my dear, in a corner of the garden hide em away out of sight! I wish you could get the memory out of peoples minds as easily. OUR supper-party will be the talk of Buddlecombe for many a day to come!

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Dear Mary. And now, of course, she has her babies.

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