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The cask I received is my own property. It was invoiced to me and the freight was paid. What more do the shipping company want?

They went to the same small sitting-room and Lefarge produced his Brazilian cigarettes.

The place was about half full. As La Touches quick eye took in the scene, he noticed the typist seated alone at a table three or four from the stage. He walked forward.

Again his hearers had to admit a rueful admiration for the ingenious ruse. The finding of the impression had seemed so conclusive, andit was only a trick. And what a simple trickwhen you knew it!

Possibly, but possibly not. You see, it was horribly rough. Almost every one was sick. People, anyway, werent walking about.

It seemed clear the marks were caused by some individual standing in front of her and squeezing her throat with both hands, the thumbs on the windpipe and the fingers round the neck. From the strength necessary to produce such bruises, it looks as if this individual were a man.

Well, your French friend. How do you know he didnt write to others beside you?

The detective took the Metro at Chatelet, Burnley going west to his hotel in the rue Castiglione, and Lefarge east to the Gare de Lyons.

What about the false address?

M. Boirac? Certainly. He is a very good customer of ours and a really well-informed amateur. For the last six years, since I was appointed manager here, we must have sold him thirty or forty thousand francs worth of stuff. Every month or two he would drop in, take a look round, and select some really good piece. We always advised him of anything new we came across and as often as not he became a purchaser. Of recent sales, M. Thomas consulted some papers, the last thing we sold him was, curiously enough, the companion piece of that ordered by Felix. It was a marble group of three female figures, two standing and one seated. It was ordered on the 25th of March, and sent out on the 27th.

Absolutely impossible, monsieur. It is quite out of the question.

Yes, and a close friend. He was in and out of the house like one of the family.

M. le Chef de la S?ret? he asked, and, as M. Chauvet bowed him to a chair, continued,

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2. The letter from Felix to Dupierre, ordering the statue was written on the same paper as the above, pointing to a common origin for the three.

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No, monsieur.

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He had already noted that a traveller by the train leaving Paris at 12.00 noon and arriving at Victoria at 7.10 could just reach Waterloo Road by 7.30. Thinking again over the point, he suddenly saw the significance of the hour of the call at the carting establishment. It was late. A man wishing to do business there would have gone earlier, had he been able. But this man was not able. He had only reached the city at 7.10.

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His surprise at these strange proceedings was not lessened when he saw La Touche and Mallet drive up to the door and ring. He hurried forward to warn them, but before he could do so the door opened and they disappeared within. Growing more and more anxious, Farol waited till, after a considerable time, he saw Boirac leave the house alone. Now certain that something was wrong, he decided he must let the manufacturer go, while he telephoned his suspicions to the S?ret. A car with some men was sent immediately, and they drove up to the door just as Farol returned to it on foot. Smoke was beginning to issue from the upper windows, and one man was sent for the fire brigade, while others attempted to break into the house. In this they succeeded only after considerable trouble. Through the smoke they saw La Touches body lying half in the hall and half in Fran?oiss room. Only just in time they got the men out, the back of the hall being a sheet of flame before they reached the open air.

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Well, Mrs. Murphy, my name is Clifford, and I am the lawyer who is going to defend Mr. Felix. I wondered if you would be good enough to answer some questions, to help me in his defence?

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Why do you think he was employed by a cartage contractor? Mallet had asked, and La Touche had been going to reply with some asperity that cartage contractors were not uncommonly found to employ carters, when the pertinence of the others question struck him. Why, indeed? Of the thousands of carters in Paris, only a small proportion were employed by cartage firms. By far the greater number worked for specific businesses. Might not the man who brought the cask to the goods station belong to this class, and if so, might not this account for the failure of the original advertisements? If a carter were bribed to use his employers vehicle for his own gain he would not afterwards give the fact away. And to La Touche it seemed that such a move would be just what might be expected from a man of Boiracs mentality.

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After further ages the clock struck againone. A second dog began barking. The breeze freshened, and Broughton wished he had brought a heavier coat. He longed to stamp up and down and ease his cramped limbs. And then the latch of the road gate clicked and footsteps sounded on the gravel.

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He picked up the telephone, pressing one of the buttons on the stand.