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His whole statement, thought Clifford, was singularly like those of Mrs. Murphy, the Gresham waiter, and the ticket-collector at Brent Station, in that, while it confirmed what Felix had said and strengthened the lawyers growing belief in the artists innocence, it was of very little use for the trial. It was true that he, Clifford, was now in a position to prove most of Felixs statement, but the worst of it was that most of Felixs statement might be proved without proving Felixs innocence. So much so, indeed, that Clifford could not yet quite banish the suspicion that the whole thing was pre-arranged.

The first is, can you describe the machine you used prior to the purchase of the new one?

I need hardly trouble you with my thoughts. For some days I was half crazed, then I pulled myself together. Suzanne I sent home, saying I had heard from Madame that she was employing one of her mothers maids.

Le Gautier? No, Im sure he did not.

There was a singing in the mens ears and a weight on their chests as, with the energy of despair, they literally hurled the heavy couch against the weakened bar. With a tearing sound it gave way. They could get through.

Martin! cried the unhappy inmate, springing up and seizing his visitors hand in both his own. But this is good of you! I hardly dared to expect you.

On Saturday, 13th March, I crossed to Paris for the week-end, returning the following Monday morning. On the Sunday afternoon I happened to drop into the Caf Toisson dOr in the rue Royale and there found a group of men, with most of whom I was acquainted. They were talking about the French Government lotteries, and in the course of conversation one of them, a M. Alphonse Le Gautier, said to me, Why not have a little flutter with me? I ridiculed the idea at first, but afterwards agreed to enter a thousand francs jointly with him. He undertook to arrange the matter, the profits, if any, being halved between us. I paid him over my five hundred francs and, believing it was the last I should hear of the affair, dismissed it from my mind.

Lefarge, having got his information, was not much troubled to justify his little ruse.

What time was the message sent?

Four St. Johns Mansions, Victoria Street, said Felix, on referring to an address book.


Clifford had then done the obvious thing. He had gone to inspect Felixs finger, and he had found there was no mark on it.

There is only one man, he said at length in a hesitating voice, that I know he is friendly witha Mr. Percy Murgatroyd, a mining engineer who has an office in Westminster. But I dont for one moment believe he had anything to say to it.

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Not so early, I think. More like half-past seven or even eight, as well as I can remember.

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The manager was gone a considerable time. When he returned after more than half an hour he shook his head.

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Gradually, as he pondered, the matter shaped itself into three main considerations.

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Thats rather roundabout. Do you mean that you suspect me of murdering my wife?

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He turned back to his notes. After breakfast, Felix, according to his statement, had painted without ceasing, except for a cup of cocoa at lunch time, until half-past six. He had then changed and gone to town, dining alone at the Gresham. Though he had seen no one he knew at the famous restaurant, there was a chance that a waiter or commissionaire or other official might have recognised him. He had left about nine and, feeling tired, he had returned straight home. There, no one could know of his presence till 7.30 the next morning, when Mrs. Murphy would expect to hear him answer her knock.

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I fear not, monsieur. I dont know where she lives.

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That is quite clear, thank you, said La Touche.

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No. 133, you said?