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"It's nothing. . . . Pain bad for a moment"

"Oh, you want to get rid of me. . . ." She got up slowly. "Well, I'll go."

The door opened and Ellen came in.

She interrupted him, looking past him at the shining window.

"Clare dear, don't"

"And what the middle-aged and old have to do is to feed the young, to encourage them, laugh at them, give them health and strength and brains, such as they are, to stiffen them, to be patient with them, and for them, not to lie down and let the young trample, but to work with them, behind them, around themabove all, to love them, to clear the ground for them, to sympathize and understand them, and to tell them, if they shouldn't see it, that they have such a chance, such an opportunity, as has never before been given to the son of man.

He got his tea things from the little brown cupboard, made some toast, found a pot of raspberry jam; just as he had finished Martha Proctor stalked in. He liked her clear-cut ways, the decent friendly challenge of her smile, her liking for brown bread and jam, with no nonsense about "not being really hungry." Yes, he liked herand he was pleased that she had troubled to come to him, even though it was only the fog that had driven her in. But at first his own shyness, the eternal sense always with him that he was a recognized failure, and that no one wanted to hear what he had to say, held him back. There fell silences, silences that always came when he was alone with anybody.

He set back his shoulders, looking so suddenly a man of strength and character that Millie was astonished.

"They simply aren't arranged at all!" came the voice more sharply.

Henry was longing to ask some more questions when the door opened and Christina came in.

Worst of all was the unreality of the scene, the dim light, the faint scent of medicine, the closed-in seclusion as though they were all barred from the outside world which they were never[Pg 228] to enter again. He looked at the facesat Aunt Betty upset, distressed, moved deeply because in her tender heart she could not bear to see any one or any thing unhappy; Aunt Aggie, severe, fancying herself benign and dignified, thinking only of herself; the doctor and the nurse professionally preoccupied, wondering perhaps how long this tiresome old woman would be "pegging out"; his father struggling to recover something of the old romance that had once bound him, tired out with the effort, longing for it all to be over; Millie, perfectly natural, ready to do anything that would help anybody, but admitting no falseness nor hypocrisy; Katherine!

"You wait," said Millie, "he may develop terribly after marriage. They often do. He may beat you and spend your money riotously and leave you for weeks at a time."

"If you'll forgive me saying so, Mr. Campbell," said Jane Ross, "you're talking the most arrant nonsense. You're doing your best to break down what a few of us are trying to restoresome kind of a literary standard. At last there's an attempt being made to praise good work and leave the fools alone."

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"When are you going to be married?"

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Forgive him? Happiness returned in warm floods of light and colour. Happiness. But even as he kissed her it was not, she knew, happiness of quite the old kindno, not quite.

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Victoria felt that the girl was trembling. She put her arms closer around her and drew her nearer.

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"Undoubtedly. They will police London or what is left of it, because there will of course be severe fighting first, and nowadays, with aerial warfare what it is, a few days' conflict will reduce London to a heap of ruins."

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Millie's laugh attracted Clare's attention. Her wandering glance suddenly settled on Millie's face.

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She kissed him, ran and caught an omnibus, waved to him from the steps, and was gone.

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"I'm not giving you new ones," Millie answered. "I'm trying to save you. However"

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They walked in silence into Whitehall. Henry found it difficult to begin and Westcott never spoke unless he had something that he really wanted to saya reason sufficient for the reputation of sulkiness that many people gave him. The beauty of the night too kept them silent. After that hot, over-coloured room London was like some vast, gently moving lake upon whose bosom floated towers and lamps and swinging bargesmyriads of stars were faint behind a spring mist that veiled, revealed and veiled again an orange moon.