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Yes, for the countless niceties and distinctions of social etiquette, Mary had, as she confessed, little aptitude. It sometimes seemed that, if a mistake was possible, she made it.

First, though, he had to hear from Mary the gist of those she had fleetly skimmed, prior to going back and reading them over again, word by word, with a brooding seriousness.

She wants them to be seen in public together, thought Mary as she helped Richard on with his overcoat and muffled him up in a comforter; for the air on this tableland struck cold, after Melbournes sea-level. And for that, of course, theres no better place than Moberleys Coffee Room. Aloud she said reprovingly: Ssh! Shell hear you. You know, dear, you neednt stop long. But Richard, chilly and tired from the railway journey, looked as though he could cheerfully have consigned Tilly and her nuptials to Hades.

Well, I can tell you this, wife. Ive grown more attached to your mother, her kind heart and sound sense, than I was to any one in all Australia. And certainly more than I am to my own.

Mrs. Marriner turned the full weight of a grave, sweet smile upon him. While we book-lovers . . . well! as far as I am concerned, doctor, my life would be a blank indeed, without the company of the printed page.

Yes . . . he had rather a way with the ladies. Well, as I was saying, this fellow Blake Purdy swears by was one of the partners in the company formed after old G. had sold his mine at a dead loss, mind you, and on the express advice of his confidential manager, who, directly after, became a promoter of the new company. When the output suddenly redoubled and the shares began to soar, old Grenville, naturally enough, thought he had been done, and sued them for fraud. The jury could not agree. Now, theres rumour of a settlement. If it takes place, it is calculated that the shares will rise in value by two to three hundred per cent. Purdy stands to make his fortune thanks to having some one at his elbow who is in the swim.

At two oclock, when Mahony handed her to the carriage, it was with something of the lover-like elan that even the least fond husband feels on seeing his wife the centre of attraction.

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On reaching the house they unlatched the gate with care, and crept like a pair of conspirators over the grass, to avoid the noise their steps would have made on the gravel. The venetian blinds were down, but bars of light filtered through them in Lizzies bedroom on the one side, and in Johns sanctum on the other. Mary tiptoed round the verandah, and tapped on her brothers window-pane.

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Come, this is really VERY jolly, Mary!

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As he made ready to go to town Mahony recalled, with a smile, his grotesque imaginings of two nights back. What a little hell the mind could create for a mans undoing! But none the less, though he now ridiculed them, his nightmares had left a kind of tingling disquietude in their train. He felt he would do well to have a straight talk with Simmonds, go carefully through his share-list, and arrange in detail for the conduct of his affairs during his absence.

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Meet ROBINSON? Not if I know it!

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But though she spoke in a reassuring tone, Mary was none the less genuinely perturbed: her robust, sensible Tilly reduced to such a foolish state! Why, it was like seeing ones dearest friend collapse under a sudden illness.

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